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Placing Tiles 
Preci Plan - Gypsum boards - Oil painting - Roof insulation - Thermal insulation
- Placing Tiles - Plumbing - Electrical - Peristeri Attica


The company Preci Plan is a company based in Peristeri, Attica and specializes in the installation of tiles, marble, stone and industrial floors in residential, commercial and other areas.

Preci Plan has acquired a stable clientele in the Peristeri area and beyond, thanks to its professional and reliable approach to every project. The company has specialized staff with many years of experience in the field of tile, marble and stone installation, as well as the necessary equipment to offer its services in any type of space.

Preci Plan offers solutions, harmonious with your environment. You will find ideal solutions for the renovation of your space, the choice of materials and design proposals, the decoration of rooms, and the general configuration of interior & exterior spaces whether it is for private or professional spaces respecting the predetermined time.