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Preci Klevis - General Renovations
Gypsum boards - Oil painting - Roof insulation - Thermal insulation - Placing tiles - Plumbing - Electrical - Peristeri Attica


The company Preci Plan, based in Peristeri, Attica, has for many years been active in the field of oil painting, plasterboards, suspended ceilings and plaster decorations, as well as in any construction work.

Specifically, we specialize in repairs and constructions, with plasterboards, false ceilings and partitions.
We are oil painters and plasterers with many years of experience and know-how in the art of plaster constructions and painting houses and buildings and any plaster renovation.
​We create high quality and aesthetic constructions that can meet every need of our customers. Artistic creations. After all, this is also our uniqueness, for which our customers consistently trust us.

We are ready to offer solutions, harmonious with your environment. You will find ideal solutions for the renovation of your space, the choice of materials and design proposals, the decoration of rooms, and the general configuration of interior & exterior spaces whether it is for private or professional spaces respecting the predetermined time.





  • Buildings of all kinds and construction work
  • Chalk decorations
  • Plasterboards - Shelves
  • Various plaster constructions
  • Hidden lighting, domes, frames, rosettes
  • Fireplaces fireplace linings
  • False ceiling partitions
  • Construction of false ceiling with plasterboard
  • construction details of concealed plasterboard lighting
  • construction of mineral fiber false ceiling
  • suspended ceilings with hidden lighting
  • Plasterboard partitions - dividers
  • Oil painting - Techniques
  • Painting houses apartments buildings
  • Spatularistas - Lacquers


With the construction of plasterboard partitions we have very important advantages in relation to costs and technical specifications. Depending on the construction and technical requirements, a single, double or triple layer of plasterboard can be used, as well as the appropriate insulating material (rock wool or glass wool).

Our plaster constructions meet high standards and provide solutions to the most demanding expectations. The experienced design department and the highly qualified technical staff will implement, in collaboration with the customer, the ideal decoration solution. We serve from wherever we are requested in Peristeri, Aegaleo, Liosia, Haidari, Cholargo, Marousi, in Athens and all over Attica.

We offer coloring and freshening work for any space. Unique color combinations. We have all the necessary equipment, scaffolding, machines, sanders, in order to successfully carry out any work in high and difficult places.
Using the most modern materials and machines, we create excellent results that will surprise you.

With modern techniques we always find the right solution for every project. Renovations, oil painting on building facades, interior and exterior spaces, apartment buildings, villas, houses, hotels, maisonettes, country houses, shops, offices, public buildings, styles, (Venetian Stucco). Stucco Veneziano, Spatulai, patinas, sponge patterns, crackle pattern.




We work with the most well-known paint companies.
We use excellent quality materials for painting, ecological or biological plastics, durable insulators or acrylic paints.
With the best results for every surface and for all weather conditions. Curated and Clean Work.

Contact us to benefit from consistency, quality, at the best prices.
Thank you for your many years of trust in us.